Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today Kickstarter Goal To Include Linux Version


With just five days left to go in the Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today Kickstarter campaign, developers Fictiorama Studios have revealed that their inital Kickstarter Goal of $47,000 will also unlock access to the Linux version of the game in addition to the PC & Mac version.

Currently with five days remaining Fictiorama Studios have achieved over $28,000 out of there original $47,000 target, and with each passing hour new pledges are being received in order to help fund the project. If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its target by the 12th April 2014 then full-production of the game will begin, with kickstarter supports receiving their copy by the end of this year, with the game now been supported across all three major platforms, PC, Mac and Linux.

Dead Synchronicity_Tomorrow_Comes_Today

In addition to the Linux version being added as part of the target Goal, Fictiorama Studios have also revealed some new reward tiers, tiers including a poster, digital draft portrait and a music box. Each item can be pledged individually, alternatively if you have already supported the project you can “add” it to your current pledge and receive a small discount.

Finally those wishing to sample Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today can do so by downloading the public demo, a small gameplay demo which gives an idea of what to expect from the game. In the meantime the Dead Synchronicity Kickstarter Campaign is still active and ready for support.