FutureArt’s Debut title ‘Northern Guard: Assault’ Looking for More Kickstarter Supporters


Small indie development studio, FutureArts, are currently looking for more Kickstarter backers in order to support their debut iOS and Android kickstarter project, Northern Guard: Assault.

The kickstarter project originally began last week and has since received moderate success with over $3,700 CAD already pledged to the project, however the indie studio is still a long way from achieving their target goal of $52,500 and is such calling for more support.

Developed by FutureArt’s, Northern Guard: Assault is a combination of Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy gameplay elements, whereby players control Canadian based superheroes as they protect the location and defeat enemies. What’s unique about Northern Guard: Assault is that unlike traditional Tower Defense titles, whereby they upgrade a single building, players can move their heroes around the map completing various objectives but at the same time upgrading that character to make him more stronger from the onslaught of opponents.


FutureArt’s is currently looking to achieve $52,500 CAD so that the game can be fully developed and published onto iOS and Android devices later this year, and for those who support the campaign a variety of rewards will be offered, including a copy of the game once it has finished.

The Northern Guard: Assault kickstarter campaign ends on the 17th April 2014, so if you are interested in having a superhero based tower defense styled game on your mobile device then i’d suggest supporting the campaign, because if the project is funded then you’ll get to receive it, otherwise you’ll be in a long wait.

  • Liz Alexander

    wow! this looks great! can’t wait to play!!