Video: Unboxing the Xbox One (Day One Edition) with Forza Motorsport 5


The day has finally arrived where Microsoft’s next generation console officially becomes available to the public and with so many different versions (Standard, Day 1, Special Edition) being available there is plenty to choose from, but ultimately not enough stock to go around.

Either way i was lucky enough to grab the “Forza Motorsport 5″ bundle (since i personally don’t like Fifa games) and since i have one i thought i’d do a rather quick (and hasty) unboxing video, so here it is.

Inside The Box:

– Xbox One Console (500GB Hard Drive)
– Kinect Sensor
– Day One Edition Controller
– Forza Motorsport 5 (Digital Download Code)
– Day One Achievement
– Headset
– HDMI Cable
– Power Leads
– Xbox LIVE Trial (14 Days)
– Collectors Styled Box

The Video:

Final Thoughts:

Apology’s on the poor video quality in the Unboxing video, this is due to poor lighting in the room and it being a rushed job. Anyway the Xbox One Console may seem expensive, with its £429.99 price tag, but it comes with everything you need to use it (including an Xbox LIVE Subscription for new (and current) members) without having to folk over any additional cash.

Console wise it is extremely strong built and feels more like a rugged PC rather than a console, something which is proven by the consoles weight (extremely heavy) and its inital setup and loading times. Speaking of loading times the the “snap feature” reacts just as qucik in the videos ( but only if you know the commands). Overall its a nice console but i feel it could have its flaws, but this is probably down to me not being fully comfortable with the Windows 8 Tile design and the console itself being entirely different to the Xbox 360.

The Xbox One is now available within Europe and America, however stock of the “Day 1 Edition” bundles are extremely limited – so you will most likely not be able to get one, however the regular Xbox One Consoles (and its Special Edition bundle which includes a copy of Fifa 14) will be released within the next few weeks.