Greenwood Games Misses Kickstarter Target for Oculus Rift Designed Game “Alone”

Greenwood Games-Alone-Screenshot-03

The Kickstarter Funding Process for Oculus Rift designed Survival Horror title “Alone” has come to an end without the project being successfully funded, and because of this the developers, Greenwood Games, are now considering their next options on what will happen with the game.

Greenwood Games hoped to achieve $25,000 in order to successfully develop the game, however with the funding process now over the target was not reached and now it seems that the small development studio will be dissolved with no money left to fund the project. While the studio maybe “dissolved” in the near future both Dan Wallace and Bryan Cohen are thinking of continuting the project in their own time and running a second kickstarter campaign once the Oculus Rift device has been released, as Dan Wallace, co-founder of Greenwood Games, epxlains:

“This Kickstarter campaign created a fantastic community for us, which helped us a lot with their feedback and ideas. Even though we did not ultimately reach our financing goal, we would still like to thank every one of them individually for their support. It really means a lot to us, and we would never have gotten this far without their help. Since we still haven’t made a final decision on the future of Alone, we will keep everyone who is interested up-to-date via Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter at”

If Alone is not developed in its current form, that its co-op multiplayer segment, Watching Hour, maybe developed and released as a standard title. Either way for Greenwood Games the future doesn’t look too bright and both titles may never see the light of day.