Death Ray Manta (DRM) Free For One Week on iTunes App Store


The insanely difficult (but addictive) retro arcade game Death Ray Manta (DRM) is currently available to download for FREE from the iTunes App Store.

Death Ray Manta (DRM) is an old-skool arcade game that tasks you to obtain the highest score possible, there is no story, no cutscenes – just simple highscores and level progression. Its a simplistic game, but very addictive – mainly because if you die you have to start from the beginning.

Death Ray Manta is usually around £1.99 however for one week only the game is free for everyone to download from the iTunes App Store, better yet the app is compatible with both the iPad & iPhone – but it does requrie an iPhone 4, iPad 2/Mini or a fourth generation iPod Touch (or higher) in order to be played.

If you are undecided on the game then why not check out some gameplay footage.