Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Release Date Confirmed

Square Enix have been showing off screenshots in recent months but the question on all fan’s minds has been “When?” Today on their twitter account, Square Enix Europe have confirmed that Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD will be released for the PS3 in the US March 18th and on the 21st March in Europe and Australia. The collection contains a HD remake of fan favorite Final Fantasy X and it’s sequel Final Fantasy X-2. The versions included are the international releases which are the most definite releases with extra content and bonus bosses. Exclusive to the collection is an extra 30 minute cut-scene never seen before which is viewable after the collection’s credits.

Along with the announcement, Square Enix Europe also showed off new artwork for the limited edition version of the game. The limited edition is similar to the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD collection that was released earlier this year. The collection will contain the game and an artbook featuring original art from the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 development teams.

One question that still lingers in the air is when will the PSVita version of Final Fantasy X|X-2 be released. On their site it still states that the collection is being brought to the PS3 and Vita so it hasn’t been buried yet. However, after the silence on Final Fantasy Type 0 which never saw a localization, it is understandable why fans are worried about this silence.