Farming Simulator 14 Arrives onto iOS & Android Platforms


Independent games publisher and developer GIANTS Software have today sent us a “quick reminder” that the highly addictive farming simulator game, which interestingly enough is called Farming Simulator 14, is now available for iOS and Android Devices.

Just like its “console-counterpart” players will be able to drive a variety of different vehichles, maintain their farm and sell the produce for profits, all the while having fun while doing so. GIANTS Software have also confirmed that the Windows Phone 8, Windows RT (Surface) and Kindle Fire version was be released later this year while a PS Vita and 3DS version will be released next year:

“GIANTS is pleased to commercially release our latest iteration of the most popular farm simulator in the world. We’ve put hours of research into creating an even more realistic experience with Farming Simulator 14 than with its predecessor and can’t wait for our fans to try it out today on iOS and Android, and soon on Windows 8 Phone, Microsoft Surface RT and Amazon Kindle”

Farming Simulator 14 priced at £1.99 from the iTunes App Store and £2.20 from the Google Play Store.