F1 2013 goes back to the 90s with Classic Imola Hot Lap Gameplay Video


Earlier in the week Codemasters released two 1990’s DLC Packs onto the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Playstation Network Store and Steam, the same content that was previously included with the ‘Classics Edition’ of the F1 2013 game.

Well today Codemasters have released a hot lap gameplay video showcasing one of the classic tracks contained within that DLC Pack, namely Imola with Michael Schumacher in his 1996 Ferrari F310 providing the driving.

As with all ‘Hot Lap’ videos the gameplay is narrated so that viewers can get a better understanding of how to create that ‘perfect’ run themselves in the game.

The 1990’s Classic Circuits and Classics Cars DLC Packs are now available, each priced at £6.49, with the full game itself (F1 2013) also available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.