Mark Spencer Race’s to Victory in F1 2013 Parliament Grand Prix


It’s not often you hear about parliament members playing video games, unless they are talking about how violent and corrupted they are, and its even rarer for us to talk about politics but recently the guys over at Codemasters setup a ‘Parliament’ exclusive racing tournament, with the fastest lap being the victor.

The task itself was for any Parliament member to set the fastest lap time on the Monza circuit, with bragging rights to the victor. The MP’s who took part played the PC version of F1 2013, and to add a more ‘realistic’ effect they were strapepd into a Vesaro advance simulation rig, complete with hydraulic movement and its “Buttkicker” tactile feedback system, this giving the authentic F1 racing experience that many racing dreams would dream to relive.

While many tried to beat Lewis Hamilton’s laptop time of 1.25.849, everyone failed, either way the winner of the event was Mark Spencer (local MP for Sherwood) who put a respectable time of 1.40.012, a mere 15 seconds off of the pace of Lewis Hamilton.

The top 10 ten racers in the F1 2013 MPs’ GP were:

1 Mark Spencer 1.40.012 Con, Sherwood
2 Gavin Barwell 1.43.207 Con, Croydon Central
3 Karl McCartney 1.44.027 Con, Lincoln
4 David Davies 1.46.898 Con, Monmouth
5 Tracey Crouch 1.49.200 Con, Chatham and Aylesford
6 Andrew Percy 1.49.360 Con, Brigg and Goole
7 Jeremy Wright 1.52.032 Con, Southam and Kenilworth
8 John Hemmings 2.01.036 Lib Dem, Birmingham Yardley
9 Andrew Bingham 2.02.878 Con, High Peak Derbyshire
10 Paul Uppal 2.06.379 Con, Wolverhampton SW

I’m not sure if there was a point to this exercise, but its nice for Parliament members to getting involved with games and hopefully, in time, the Games Industry will receive the tax break that they have been demanding for.

For everyone else however, F1 2013 will be available on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 from the 4th October 2013.