Deception/Trapt IP Returns After Almost 10 Years In Early 2014

With new IPs being made constantly while others are left to disappear with no word gathering dust, today Tecmo Koei Europe gave some hope to some of those believers via their twitter.

The Deception series was last seen in Europe way back in 2006 with the Alternate name of Trapt for the PS2 . In it you played a princess who was being hunted down but instead of physically attacking your pursuers to escape, you would strategically lay traps on a map before luring them to their deaths. The system was very extensive with you being able to purchase more traps, cause combos between your traps as well as using some of the more deadlier parts of the environment to your advantage. Do you remember the series and does this give you any hope to other forgotten IPs receiving a long awaited return?

Deception IV: The Blood Ties is being released physically and digitally in early 2014