Day One Patch Causing Multiplayer Issues for PES 2014


It has been revealed that the Day One Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (aka PES 2014) is causing issues for those wanting to play online with the game.

The day 1 patch is requried in order to access the online multiplayer features, however some users are stating that not only is the update taking an unusually long time to be installed, but once the update has been applied they have been unable to access the online mode.

Speaking on Twitter PES Community Manager Adam Bhatii recomends downloading a third-party solution (from PESFAN) to a USB stick, so that the online modes can be used while Konami searches for a solution.


Konami are currently working on a solution and its assumed that a new update will be released prior to FIFA 14’s release, which is this friday, otherwise it would spell trouble for the franchise with fans complaining.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is currently available on multiple platforms, but only the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are currently suffering from this issue.

via: MCV