4T2 Multimedia Rebrands into Amuzo Games, Annoucnes Partnership with BT Sport


Amuzo Games, formly 4T2 Multimedia, have today announced that their nine month long rebranding is now complete and that a partnership with BT Sport is currently being formed.

Despite the rebranding Amuzo will continue to work on titles with some of the world’s most high-profile brands including LEGO, BBC, Mobil and more recently BT Sport, from its studio in Bournemouth, UK. The company is now also heavily investing in and focusing on its own IP, as explained by Amuzo’s Managing Director John White.

“The 4T2 brand has served us very well over the years, and we are incredibly proud of all our success so far. But the idea of ‘multimedia’ is now a bit dated. When we launched the Amuzo brand 9 months ago, it was as a consumer brand for publishing LEGO® games. Since then, it’s proved so popular with audiences that we’ve taken the decision to rebrand the entire business. Our new positioning reflects that fact that we are increasingly focused on mobile platforms and acting as a games publisher as well as a developer.”

While Azumo’s rebranding has only just been complated they are still earning awards, as last week Azumo was declared the winner of the IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation Sport category, as Amuzo’s Business Development Director, Mike Hawkyard, comments:

“We’re very excited to be working with BT Sport to create a commercial prototype of On The Line, our second-screen prediction game. We believe we have a powerful concept that will drive in-play viewer engagement and encourage people to play with friends whilst watching live sport”.

Azumo Games is mostly known for chart-topping mobile releases, but now it is looking to expand into other areas and with this new partnership they hope to achieve that, however for the time being everything is still being tight lipped, either way it will be interesting to see what Azumo Games can achieve in the coming months.