FIFA 14 To Be Bundled with All European Xbox One Day One Edition Pre-orders

fifa_14_xbox_one_console_boxartMicrosoft have today announced at GamesCom that all Xbox One Day One Editions Pre-orders will receive a digital download code for FIFA 14 as part of a new ‘exclusive’ partnership with EA. This ‘Exclusive’ partnership will see additional gameplay content only available on Xbox 360 (and Xbox One) as well as a digital copy of FIFA 14 Bundled with Xbox One consoles.

This means that for the ‘basic’ price of £429 you will receive an Xbox One Day One Edition Console, Kinect 2.0, Xbox One Controller and a Digital Download Code for FIFA 14 (which seperately would cost around £55). Apparently this offer is only available within European countries (including UK) and has been received with mixed opinions, espiecally from non-fifa fans such as myself.

Additionally Microsoft confirmed that a special ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Xbox One bundle would be released with some bonus DLC Content in the box, however the current estimated retail price isn’t any different from purchasing a standard Xbox One & Call of Duty: Ghosts seperately.

The Xbox One will be released in November, with a confirmed release date expected within the next few weeks.

  • fifa coins

    FIFA 14 will be available for XBOX 360 and PS3. The new concepts of XBOX one will be included which is latest version of XBOX. Thanks for sharing Pre-Order information.

    • Scott Emsen

      Since this article was published Microsoft & EA have announced that you had to pre-order a DAY ONE Edition of the Xbox One in order to get FIFA 14. If you pre-order it now (or walk-in to purchase ond ay of release without a pre-order) you most likely won’t get FIFA 14 with the console.