Video: Unboxing the GAME Exclusive Pokemon Rumble U Special Edition (Wii U)

Pokemon Rumble U Unboxing

Nintendo’s attempt at combining toy figures with a game has finally arrived in the form of Pokemon Rumble U, a Wii U ‘Digital Download’ exclusive, however unlike Skylanders or Disney Infinity the ‘NFC Figures’ (which are scanned into the game via the Wii U Gamepad) do not need to be purchased to enjoy the game as they can be acquried in-game through grinding and hardwork.

While Pokemon Rumble U is a ‘Digital Download’ only title, UK Retailer GAME is currently stocking an Exclusive Special Edition bundle that combines the game with 2 NFC Figures, one of which is exclusive to this bundle, and a poster – it also offers a small saving compared to buying the game and two ‘random’ figures on its own.  Gamestop in America is also offering a similar bundle. In regards to pricing, Pokemon Rumble U costs £13.49, while the GAME exclusive bundle costs £19.99, additional figures (which are purchased at random) are currently £3.99 thus offering a massive saving compared to Skylanders & Disney Infinity, but the game is smaller (in terms of gameplay) compared to those.

While i could talk about Pokemon Rumble U all day I’m not here to talk about the game, even though it is fun, i’m here to unbox the bundle so without further a do, here is whats included.

Inside The Box:

– Pokemon Rumble U  Game Code (Digital Download)
– Double Sided Poster
– White or Grey Kyurem NFC Figure
– Random NFC Figure
– Carded Box

The Video:

Pokemon Rumble U, is at its core, a simple and fun game that can be played by using only the Wii U GamePad since it features off-screen play. The NFC Figures themselves do not need to be purchased as you can play the game without, however they do add perks to the game such as early access to Pokemon or a high level Pokemon, for instance the white Kyurem i received can defeat most bosses within the game within one attack. Additional Pokemon can also be obtained via ‘Passwords’ which are handed out online, with two Pokemon already available.

In terms of this Bundle it acts as a starter pack with two figures and the game being included as well as a special poster, if your a fan of Pokemon then this would be the bundle to get – however if you are not interested in the figures then buying the game digitally would be your best bit, either way Pokemon Rumble U can not be purchased on a retail disc.

Pokemon Rumble U is now available exclusively for the Wii U and it can be purchased for £13.49 (stand-alone) or in this Bundle Pack for £19.99.

  • Joseph

    Looks like its worth getting this bundle if you get the game. Shame how each figure costs £3.99 though, especially as you don’t know which one you could be getting..