Splatter: Just Harder Times Now Available on Desura


Indie development studio Dreamworlds has today reminded us that the retro styled top down shooter “Splatter – Just Harder Times” is now available to purchase from the Desura digital download service for Windows PC Devices.

According to Dreamworlds Splatter is a top-down shooter that’s rich in both visuals and story and is a game that depicts one man’s epic battle to save his faith, and humanity, from supernatural forces invading the world. Splatter’s isnt your traditional top-down shooter either, as life or death choices will have to be made, such as helping survivors, each creating possible consequences for the player.

Game Features:

– Light/shadow mechanics
– Destructible environments
– Local multiplayer and cooperative play
-User upgradeable weapons that actually drastically change game-play
-A stunning film Noir-esque content heavy storyline

Splatter – Just Harder Times Now is now available to purchase from Desura for £7.99 and it is compatible with Windows operating systems only.

  • Sam

    Great little game.