Immanitas Entertainment’s Free iOS Game ‘My Candy Slots Party’ Released Today

my_candy_slot_party_ios_gameplay my_candy_slot_party_ios_gameplay3my_candy_slot_party_ios_gameplay2

Immanitas Entertainment has just sent out a ‘quick reminder’ to let us know that their free-to-own title, My Candy Slots, is now available to download from the iTune App Store.

My Candy Slots Party offers a fun and simple way to play slots on across on iOS devices with a bright and sweet candy style theme. The game is simplistic and offers the same gameplay mechanics as you do with a real slot machine, players just have to place the bet, spin the wheel and have fun winning coins all without loosing any real money.

My Candy Slots is now available to download (and play) for FREE from the iTunes App Store, furthermore one download and it will work across all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

  • mike

    nice game, thanks for the info!