Female Vampire Confirmed as New Playable Character for Tekken Revolution


Tekken Revolution, the free-to-play tekken game available on the Playstation Network, will shortly be receiving a brand new playable character, a character that is entirely new to the franchise.

Recently Katsuhiro Harada, along with the Namco development team, held a facebook poll whereby members of the public could vote on the next character to be added to the game, with most of the characters being entirely new franchise, excluding Shin Kamiya, who appeared in the Tekken Blood Vengeance CGI movie.

In the end, the Female Vampire won the votes and now she will be created and implemented into the game, but more interestingly she was intended to be playable within Tekken 6 after strange occurences during the development phase she was put on hold, as explained in her character summary:

A young girl, long imprisoned by the Rochefort family. A young female vampire that has been imprisoned in a wing of the Rochefort Estate, where Lili was raised. She has a dark personality, but her gothic attire and uncanny beauty are mesmerizing.

During development of Tekken 6, she was proposed as a character that used an actual martial art, but also with fireballs, like a 2D fighting game character. However, aside from Harada, a strange phenomena occurred in which many members got married or gave birth to children around the same time. As a result, not many staff were left at work to complete the character, and she was discarded.

The concept was salvaged again during Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, but the same strange phenomena occurred again and Harada locked the concept away in a safe, wanting to keep it secured within the development team since it seems to bring good fortune.

The Female Vampire Character is expected to be given a name and will be made available to Tekken Revolution as a free update later in the year.