Soul Calibur II HD Online Unveiled for Xbox LIVE Arcade & Playstation Network


Namco Bandai Games have recently announced that a High Definition re-release of classic multi-platform game “Soul Calibur II” is currently in development for the XBLA and PSN.

Announced at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) over the weekend this ‘updated’ version will feature High Definition visuals, gameplay tweaks and the inclusion of online multiplayer modes. This ‘updated’  HD version is entitled “Soul Calibur II HD Online” and it will feature the same gameplay content that was seen in the PS2 Version of the game, including Guest character Heihachi Mishima.

A Comparison between the HD and PS2 (SD) Verion is illustrated below (and shown in the gameplay trailer at the bottem):


For those unaware Soul Calibur II was the first game to introduce guest characters and to make it more unique each platform contained a different ‘guest character’, with Spawn in the Xbox version, Link in the Gamecube Version and Heihachi in the PS2 Version. This ‘HD Version’ is a HD Remaster of the PS2 version and so only Heihachi will be playable, and Namco have confirmed this in a comment on their Youtube channel. It’s safe to say that Link & Spawn will not be playable in this HD Version, and this is most likely down to licsensing issues and costs and since Namco own the Heihachi character they can easily reuse him.

Soul Calibur II HD Online is currently in development by Project Soul, the mastermind behind the Soul Calibur (Edge) franchise, and it is expected to be released onto the Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network later this year.