Sonic Dash Updated on iOS, Features ‘Gobal Challenge’ to Unlock Shadow


Yesterday Hardlight Studios and SEGA released an update for Sonic Dash, the free-to-play free running game for iOS devices, with it bringing a few minor alterations (such as Red Rings in a course) and higher bonus points – however the main new addition is the Gobal Challenge option.

The Global Challenge option is whereby the goal is to cumulatively run a  100 laps around the world before the challenge ends on 5th August 2013. To make it slightly easier each player’s individual runs will contribute to the total distance completed and rewards will be unlocked at set milestones, once of which includes Shadow the Hedgehog as a playable character.


Chris Southall, Studio Head of SEGA’s internal studio, Hardlight, explains the idea behind this challenge:

“Since launch we have been amazed with the reaction and support from the Sonic Dash community. We have listened to our fans feedback and requests and responded with cool new features and content. For this update, we wanted to do something a bit different, something to bring the Sonic Dash community together to engage them and say a huge thank you for supporting us. This resulted in the Sonic Dash Global Challenge. But remember it’s not a giveaway, players will have to get Dashing!”

Basically each time you play the game you ‘distance’ is counted towards the 100 laps and once this 100 laps around the world (i.e. the real distance of the world) then not only will additional rewards be given out but Shadow the Hedgehog will become playable.

Sonic Dash is now available to download, for FREE, from the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.