ConquerX2 Officially Launches Today within Europe, with Events & Rewards for Players


OnNet Europe, the online developer and publisher for web-based games, has today announced that ConquerX2, a free-to-play online space simulation game, is now publicly available for everyone to play throughout Europe.

In Conquer X2 each player rules as an emperor, managing the construction of their planets, building massive fleets of powerful flagships and specialized space vessels with the aim of destroying their enemies and ultimately conquering the universe. Build up your fleets of 12 different types of vessels and command them in strategic battles across the galaxies of space, whose weaknesses and strengths give players a host of options.

Furthermore players can build over 35 different types of structures and complete missions to receive additional bonuses. For those emperors who want to rule in peace, the trade system provides countless opportunities to grow and settle disputes. The intricate espionage system allows emperors to acquire secret information from their competitors.

In addition to the game being publically available within Europe players who play the game can participate in special Launch events and competitions to win prizes, prizes which include a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a new Samsung Galaxy S4, Amazon gift cards worth up to €100.

Players interested in playing the game, be it for prizes or fun, can do so at the official ConquerX2 website.