Bridge Constructor Receives Slope Mania Add-On Content


Austrian game developer ClockStone has today released a new add-on (DLC) content for Bridge Constructor, a popular construction styled game for Android Devices.

Entitled “Slope Mania” this DLC add’s 24 new levels, whereby players must build sloping roads to overcome height differentials, a new location and 10 free game coins for use in-game. Futhermore once the DLC content has been applied the ‘Sloping Roads’ tool can be used within the main game.

In Addition to the Slope Mania DLC, Clockstone have also released a new update for the game, which not only fixes any bugs/errors that players encountered but it also adds a new higher difficulty option and a help option for players struggling with the game.

Bridge Constructor, and it’s DLC, Slope Mania, are both now available to purchase from the Google Play Store and for a limited time both the game and it’s add-on are available at half price of just € 0.89 / US$ 0.99/ £ 0.79 each, with the price increasing to € 1.79 / US-$ 1.99/ £ 1.49 (each) on the 15th July 2013.

  • Derek

    Bridge no: 7 on Tiltin East doesn’t work. Are all the colours correct on the help diagram ?

    • dan

      bridge no 7 had got me but the colours r wrong u need to use the steel off the main road from top and then remove road and bring it down lol