Review: Tekken Revolution (PSN)

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Namco Bandai Game’s latest free-to-play game, Tekken Revolution, is now available to download worldwide from the Playstation Network Store but does it offer the authentic Tekken experience? Well, Yes it does.

To start off with Tekken Revolution is a 1.9GB download and includes three gameplay modes, an Offline Arcade Mode, Online Ranked & Online Player Matches. Basically it includes the ‘standard’ Tekken experience, additionally the game also included a ‘enhancement’ mode whereby players can upgrade the stats of their favourite characters, such as power, vigor and endurance.

This ‘enhancement’ option allows players to upgrade their characters stats, such as power (attack) and endurance (health) but in order to upgrade the characters players must earn money, which is earned by playing online or beating opponents in arcade mode. Once enough money has been accquried these upgrades can then be purchased.

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Speaking of character upgrades, the game starts off with eight characters (Law, Paul, Asuka, Kazuya, Lars, Lili, Jack-6 and Bryan) with additional characters being unlocked during the course of the game. While there is only 8 characters to start off with players will encounter majority of the Tekken cast via their playthrough of Arcade mode, these characters include bosses such as Jinpachi, Heihachi and True Orge.

Finally in terms of gameplay the fighting mechanics remain are exactly the same as they were in Tekken 6 / Tekken Tag Tournament 2, however to make it easier for newcomers simple ‘attack’ commands have been implemented, each dealing sufficent damage to your opponent.

In regards to online modes, the online segment of Tekken Revolution is split into ‘Player Match’ and ‘Ranked Match’, with player match players are able to enter lobbies or create their own. Matches in these lobbies are done via the ‘Winner Stays On Rule’ so a player will continue fighting until they have been defeated, once this happens they are returned to the back of the lobby. Ranked Match on the other hand takes a more direct approach of finding your best suitable opponent and once the match is ended you will be referred back to the online menu.

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Tekken Revolution is everything you’d expect a Tekken game to have, with the only exclusions being the cinematics from characters and lack of graphical quality (compared to Tekken Tag Tournament 2), however since it is a FREE game, with full online support and trophies, it is well worth a look.


– Variety of characters
– Variety of gameplay Modes
– Simple, effective gameplay
– Upgradable characters (Stats)
– Bonus rewards (Active Players)
– Unlockable characters
– Trophy support
– It’s FREE!


– Graphic’s aren’t as high quality as previous Tekken games
– Lack of Cinematics (Character Opening & Ending cinematics)

Overall: stars-10-8


Tekken Revolution is now available to download exclusively from the Playstation Network Store.