Square Enix Confirms Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 Release


A few weeks ago Square Enix revealed that a ‘Directors Cut’ edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be coming to the Wii U, with it featuring enhanced gameplay elements, new missions and Wii U exclusives.

Well today Square Enix have confirmed, via the official Square Enix Europe blog, that “due to popular demand” the game will also be heading onto the PC, MAC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year and it will feature the exact same gameplay content as the Wii U edition. But how different is it compared to the previous console release, well Square Enix explains:

So what’s the difference between the regular version and the Director’s Cut?

Well, the new edition builds upon the foundations of the game’s critically-acclaimed release by introducing a number of fan-suggested improvements, as well as some entirely new features. The long list of enhancements includes the addition of Tong’s Rescue and the Missing Link missions – previously only available as download content – integrated seamlessly into the main story. Plus the boss fights have been overhauled, there’s smarter AI, refined game balance, and striking visual improvements.

Even the Wii U exclusive feature of using a second screen, such as the GamePad functionality, have been copied onto the Xbox 360 and PS3. As users with an Xbox 360 can utilise Smartglass while PS3 users can connect a Via to the console, both of which will be able to experience the Wii U styled features.

Gamers who were eager to try out the unique Wii U gamepad features will be able to explore the new neural hub with the addition of Microsoft’s SmartGlass on Xbox 360, and on the PlayStation 3 by connecting to a PlayStation Vita.

In short Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Directors Cut, which was originally a Wii U title, will now be released onto the Xbox 360, PS3, MAC, PC and Wii U. Overall this means that the Wii U has lost another ‘exclusive’ title and is going multi-platform.