Killer Instinct for Xbox One is Free-To-Play, Provides One Character by Default



During yesterday’s Xbox E3 Media Briefing, Microsoft revealed that RARE’s popular arcade fighter franchise, Killer Instinct, would be returning and it would be an Xbox One exclusive. What they didn’t tell us was that its a Free-To-Play game with only one character.

Killer Instinct, which was originally developed by RARE in the Nintendo 64 era, was a cult hit with many fans peittioning to get a newer incarnation. Well Microsoft have listened and now Killer Instinct will be released on the Xbox One, however instead of being developed by RARE it will be developed by Double Helix games (the team behind Battleship: The Video Game), futhermore this game will only feature one playable character by default – with the rest being available to buy via DLC / Micro-transactions.

The game will be free to download and play, similar to the recently released Tekken Revolution on the Playstation Network, but it will only feature one playable character, namely Jago. Exact details have not been confirmed but its most likely that gamers will be able to battle against numerous killer instinct characters (either offline or online) but in order to use these additional characters they must be purchase from the in-game shop.

Killer Instinct will be exclusive to Xbox One and it will be available on the consoles launch day.