Joymax Unveils Second Content Update for File Island in Digimon Masters


Joymax have today announced that it will soon be releasing ‘Part Two’ of its File Island content update for online MMO RPG Game, Digimon Masters.

As part of this 2nd content update for File Island players will gain access to the Waterfront, the Lost Historic Site and Infinite Mountain which also includes a Dungeon, featuring Devimon. In addition to the new areas ‘Tai’ will also be available as a playable tamer.

The Update will go live on the 2nd June 2013 and to celebrate it’s arrival Joymax are offering bonus EXP points during battles and a movement speed booster (30%) with additional events taking place everyday. These events will be listed on the official Digimon Masters Facebook page.

Players interested in joining Digimon Masters, which is based off the TV anime Digimon, can do so at the Joymax Games Portal.

  • dave

    Where do you got this information? Press release? ^_^
    It will be a very good update. Can’t wait next tuesday!!

    • Scott Emsen

      Yes, it was a press release from Joymax.