B-Interaktive to Release Multiplatform Gaming Solution for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC Devices


B-Interaktive, a young development studio for mobile games and apps, plans to release a new gaming service that will connect iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC Gamers together in a bid to create the perfect multi-platform gaming experience.

The service is entitled ‘B-Live’ and it will connect various platforms together via the use of Windows Azure, a cloud based service from Microsoft. With b-live and Windows Azure it is now finally possible to start a game on your smartphone on the way to work, make a few moves on the PC during lunch break, and then comfortably finish the game in the evening, sitting on the couch with your tablet.How this is achieved is explained by Stephan Pepersack – Product Marketing Manager for Windows Azure at Microsoft GmbH:

“The logic of the game, the backend, is provided on Windows Azure, and thanks to open interfaces, it can be accesses from any device, regardless of whether it is a Windows phone, an Android or iOS device. Windows Azure also allows a uniform game experience. Even if all the players log in at the same time on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Windows Azure simply scales up the resources and thus guarantees the same experience as on a sunny Monday morning.”

For the time being this ‘B-Live’ service will only host digital versions of classic board games, such as chess, checkers with more games such as Don’t get angry (Ludo), Mill, Yahtzy being planned for the service. Features such as Facebook integration and an integrated chat function will also be implemented into the B-Live service.

B-Live has yet to be given an official release date, however B-Interaktive hopes that it will be available across all platforms in mid-june 2013.