Rush Bros Arrives onto Steam Store this week


Rush Bros, a game developed by Digital Tribe Games and XYLA Entertainment, will be released on to the Steam service later this week.

The game, which sees players speed through levels packed with puzzles and obstacles while at the same time crushing their competitors in a bid to finish first. The game features rapid, reactive level design and music that can directly alter the flow of the gameplay. It’s a game that has traits of the original Sonic The Hedgehog franchise mixed with a techno fitting soundtrack that creates an odd, but unique gaming combination.

Rush Bros. is available in single player Fast Forward and Survival modes, as well as multiplayer with two-player split-screen or online cross-platform capabilities between PC and Mac.

Rush Bros will be available to download from Steam and it will be compatible with both PC and MAC Platforms. Futhermore the game will with a 20% launch discount, making it $8.99, while at the same time a special 2-pack bundle will also be made available for $15.99, both of which will only be available for a limited period of time.