Rundown: Introducing the Xbox One Console and Its New Experiences


On the 21st May 2013 Microsoft unveiled it’s latest next generation console, the Xbox One. The presentation was around an hour long and it featured a glimpse at the console and a look into the future of Xbox LIVE as well as an in-depth look at Live TV via the console itself.

Since there was so much information, and a lot still coming in, here is a rundown of everything we know so far:

The Presentation:

If you missed the Live-stream, which can still be accessed via your Xbox 360 console, then you can check out our video of the full presentation below, however due to reasons unknown the footage for EA Games and Call of Duty: Ghosts had to be removed, but everything else remains intact.

The Console:

The new Xbox console is entitled ‘Xbox One’ and it will feature a 500GB Hard Drive, Blu-ray Disc Drive, built in Wi-Fi, HDMI Output, an updated Kinect Sensor and a brand new Xbox Controller. The console is not backwards compatible with previous Xbox/ Xbox 360 games but Xbox LIVE Profiles, Xbox LIVE subscriptions and achievements can be moved onto the new system, with existing Xbox LIVE Profiles still usuable on Xbox 360’s once linked/used in on an Xbox One. Xbox LIVE Arcade games (as well as other digital download titles) are not usable on the Xbox One, but Video on Demand services, such as paid videos, can be transferred and used on the new Xbox One console.

The Console can not play pre-owned games unless a license is purchased for it from the Xbox Store. People who bring games over can not be played on the console unless that person’s profile is signed in, otherwise a license has to be purchased. This feature has yet to be fully detailed but it could result in the pre-owned market being heavily effected by this move. In order for games to be played they need to be installed onto the hard drive, this is due to the slow reading speeds of the blu-ray drive.

An internet connection is not requried to use the console but it is recomended in order to experience the most the console has to offer.

The Games:

During the press event Microsoft announced that 15 Xbox One Exclusive titles were being produced for the console, with 8 of these being brand new titles. All 15 of these Xbox One Exclusive games are to be released within a year of the consoles release, with the first launch title revealed as Forza Motorsport 5.

Forza Motorsport 5:

Call of Duty – Ghosts:

Quantum Break:

EA (Ignite Graphics Engine) Montage:

The Exclusives:

Microsoft has signed an Exclusive deal with EA but have yet to explain what this deal means, however it does mean that ‘Ultimate Team’, which allows players to create their perfect in-game fifa team, will be exclusive to the Xbox One platform. Futhermore Infinity Ward / Activision have signed another exclusive deal with Microsoft surrounding Call of Duty DLC, meaning that all Call of Duty DLC will be released onto the Xbox One (and possible Xbox 360) before any other format.

The Entertainment:

Microsoft was keen to show that the new Xbox was not just a console but an entertainment hub, hence the name Xbox One, as it means ‘One place for everything’. The Xbox One will combine Live TV, Skype, On Demand Services, Games and the internet into one box, with Kinect voice recignition being used for all of it. While On Demand services and Games will be available at lanch, features such as LIVE TV (and possibly Skype) will not be available at launch unless you live in America.

The Highlights:

The main highlights are the fact that a new xbox console is real, so no more rumours and speculations, and that a variety of exclusive game titles will be developed for the console. It’s also worth noting that a Steven Speilberg produced Halo TV Series will be released. Most of the Xbox One Reveal was aimed not only at Tech-TV enthusiasts, but at americans, as majority of the content will only be available in America. This being said with E3 being so close there isn’t much point showing everything off at once, otherwise E3 would be boring.

Xbox One will be released later in the year but a release date or price has yet to be confirmed.