Rising Star Games Acquries ‘Beyblade’ License, Will Release Beyblade Evolution onto 3DS


Rising Star Games, publisher for a variety of DS games including the Harvest Moon franchise, has today announced that it has acquried the distribution rights for the Beyblade franchise, and with it the latest game Beyblade: Evolution.

Beyblade: Evolution will be released exclusively onto the Nintendo 3DS and it will be the first game to reveals blades and characters from the new TV Anime, Beyblade: Shogun Steel, futhermore the game will tie-up loose ends left in the current series, Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

According to MCV the game is a result of a deal between Rising Star Games, toy makers Hasbro and showrunner Nelvana Entertainment. It’s also part of the plan to revamp Beyblade franchise for a new generation of children, as explained by product marketing manager Yen Hau:

“Our game plays a vital role in growing the world of Beyblade, It is an exciting bridge between the TV series and toy line, providing the competitiveness of battling your friends and the gorgeous artwork all on your 3DS.

Getting the Beyblade licence is a huge statement that Rising Star Games has added another global property to our library. We have shown time and again that we can successfully punch above our weight and in Beyblade we have one of the biggest kids franchises in the world.

It is a massive step up for us and brings to the table the incredibly popular TV and toy lines that we can cross-promote with and really push the brand to market with a three-pronged attack.”

Rising Star Games, along with Hasbro and Nelvana, will heavily promote the game, with more details on the game itself expected to be revealed within the coming months.

via: MCV