Dark Tonic’s iOS Game ‘Attack of the Wall Street Titan’ Now Available from iTunes App Store


Dark Tonic Studio’s have today announced that their second iOS game, entitled ‘Attack of the Wall Street Titan’ is now available to download from the iTunes App Store.

The game allows players to control a giant robot, who goes by the name of the Wall Street Titan, whereby the player must destory anything and everything that is in his path while in the process collecting money from banks and companies that are based on Wall Street. The game itself features advertisements, however if a player manages to complete each level with 3 stars then they will unlock the full game which doesn’t feature any adverts, as Dark Tonic Creative Director, Eric Boosman, explains:

“This is an ideal way to deliver quality game experiences in a way that can support developers through in-game ads, while letting the players that enjoy the game the most earn a fully free copy.  It’s so win-win.  Casual players get a truly great free game, with ad support, regular players that develop a moderate skill level disable the ads forever, and we can sleep at night knowing that we’re supporting ourselves without having to ruin the game experience to do it.  All developers of ad supported games should be doing this.”

Here is a rundown of what players will experience when they download the game:

– Physics Based Destruction & Mayhem
– Classic Arcade Style Action
– Sarcastic Tongue-in-cheek Humor
– Addictive Mini-Objectives
– Loads of Crazy Power-ups
– Game Center Integration With Over 40 Achievements

Attack of the Wall Street Titan is now available to download from, for FREE, the iTunes App Store and it is compatible with the iPhone 3GS (and higher), iPod Touch 4th gen (and higher) and all iPad Devices including the iPad Mini.