Video: Unboxing the GAME Exclusive Gears of War Judgment Steelbook Bundle

Gears of War Judgment is now officially available within Europe and to celebrate it’s release here is a quick unboxing video for the GAME UK Exclusive Steelbook Edition of Gears of War Judgment.

The Steelbook Edition, which is exclusive to GAME within the UK, is slightly different to the previously released Gears of War 3 steelbook – as this particular bundle includes the standard game in addition to the steelbook case. Futhermore inside the box you will receive a download code for Gears of War (Games on Demand), Classic Hammerburst Weapon and the Young Marcus Skin – all of which were previously only available if you pre-ordered the game.

The Steelbook Edition bundle is currently priced £44.99, which is £5 more than the standard version but you will receive more content and in my oppinion is worth it just for the steelbook case, but you can decide that for yourself as our unboxing video is below.

  • Asif Bashir

    Actually the normal version also comes with Gears of war 1. However for just over £5 less you could have gotten the normal version with all that plus an additional character:

    • Scott

      Gears of War 1 is only included for a limited time, while Young Marcus & Classic Hammerburst were only for pre-orders – the steelbook edition will ‘always’ include this content. Futhermore the Bundle includes Alex Brand, where as this one includes Young Marucs.