Video: Unboxing the Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Controller

I’m not one to usually get ‘additional’ controllers for consoles, especially since Limited Edition consoles come with 2 Controllers anyway, however when Square Enix & Microsoft announced that a Limited Edition Tomb Raider styled Xbox 360 Controller was becoming available i knew i had to have one.

The ‘Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Wireless Controller’ features the new transforming D-Pad which, with current prices of standard transforming D-Pad Controllers, makes it immediately worth consideration – however due to the style of the controller it will have a ‘marmite’ style effect on some people.

I say ‘Marmite’ effect as some people, such as myself, will love the controller, however others will hate it. If you prefer plain controllers, such as the standard Xbox 360 pad, then you will most likely hate it, as it features scratches, marks and indentations – all of which have been fabricated in order to make it look real. Additionally the Bandage also has a rough part of the controller has a ‘rough’ styled surface which makes it very different, but very unique.

Fake Scratches and Bandages aside, the controller has a metalic red front which is different to the Gears of War & Resident Evil styled controllers, with a black back similar to that of a standard controller. On the bottm of the controller (underneath where the batteries go) is a Tomb Raider logo, highlighting the fact that it is a limited edition controller.

The Controller will appeal to anyone that likes its design,but it has been designed for Tomb Raider fans at heart – even so for those interested in the controller it can only be bought from GAME, as its a GAME Exclusive item, and its retailed at £39.99.