Video: A Look at the Crysis 3 Game Crash Glitch & How to Overcome It


Crysis 3, the latest third-person shooter from EA and Crytek, may have instantly jumped to the top spot in the UK Games Charts, due to its stunning visuals and smooth gameplay, but underneath all of its visual glory is some strong flaws and bugs – some of which will effect players overall experience of the game.

Glitches in games do not usually bother me, instead i find them rather amusing, however the glitch that occured in Crysis 3 really begs the question on “how did it happen in a game that is perfectly stunning to play?”

If you haven’t quite guessed it yet, then the glitch that i’m referring to is the ultimate ‘Game Crash’ glitch, a glitch that occurs in the final level (Gods & Monsters) of the game. The glitch happens shortly after the final boss (the Alpha Ceph), whereby instead of loading the next section of the level the game will just freeze, which in-turn crashes the console. Futhermore the ‘Game Crash’ Glitch can also occur just by exiting the level trying to access to the main menu.

This particular glitch happened to me on a new slim Xbox 360 console, however the glitch isn’t tied down to a single console, or even a single platform, as Playstation 3 and PC users have experienced the same problem – with the only solution being to replay the last level, as advised by an EA Support Member:

Please turn off lens flare, reset the controllers to default, take off subtitles and restart the misson ^EB

After some testing, on multiple consoles, i ‘believe’ that the cause of this ‘Game Crash’ glitch is due to the last checkpoint during the Alpha Ceph boss fight. Basically if you die after the last checkpoint, on the boss fight, then you will most likely encounter this glitch – however if you defeat the boss without needing this checkpoint then you will be able to progress forward.

If you do encounter this glitch then replaying the level will rectify the issue, as advised by the EA Rep, however there is still a chance that the glitch will occur again if you die after the second checkpoint during the boss fight.

While this glitch is the most ‘annoying’ in Crysis 3, it is not the only one, as Intermittent sound failures, such as background noises and gun fire effects, can also occur throughout the game’s main campaign mode.

Crysis 3 may have some bugs, some of which will hopefully be fixed in upcoming patches, but the game is visually stunning to look at and is an enjoyable game to play, which is basically what we want from a game, Right?

Crysis 3 is now available, Worldwide, on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

  • Nigel | UK

    I’m shocked & not surprised about this glitch on the last boss, the reason I’m shocked is that a BIG developer like Crytek let a glitch like this get through the testing stage, isn’t that what Game Testers are for lol. Also why I’m not surprised this has happened because it was probably rushed at the last stage to get it out & on the shop shelves. But in this day & age things like this shouldn’t happen & I hope when the next generation of new consoles arrive that these mishaps never happen :-)