Gears of War Judgment to feature ‘Unlockable’ Mini-Campaign entitled Aftermath

Earlier today Microsoft, in conjunction with Epic Games & People Can Fly, released a brand new documentary styled trailer for Gears of War: Judgment and with it it announced that Judgment would feature an ‘unlockable’ mini-camaign entitled Aftermath.

According the video the unlockable ‘Aftermarth’ campaign takes place shortly after the battle of Anil Gate whereby Baird, Cole & Carmine seperated from Marcus & Dom in orderĀ track down reinforcements before the COG invaded Azura, i.e. the final level of Gears of War 3.

This Mini-Campaign aims to ‘fill in the blanks’ that were left after Baird, Cole & Carmine departed from the rest of the team, as Senior producer at Epic Games, Alan Van Slyke, explains:

“Aftermath is two things. One, for the Gears 3 fans who wanted more traditional Gears 3 content, it’s there to satisfy them, Two, I think it gives us a chance to bookend the trilogy, so we have Cole and Baird leaving to go get reinforcements at the end of Gears 3 and we’re able to build upon that. So it gives Judgment this nice additional content to be able to bookend the trilogy with something that happened right after Emergence Day prior to Gears 1, and also plays off of the traditional Gears 3 content.”

In order for the ‘Aftermath’ Campaign to be unlocked, players must earn enough ‘Declassified Stars’ throughout the main Judgment Campaign as well as complete it.

Via: Joystiq