Gears of War Judgment Gets a “Cheevo” Based TV Advert


Microsoft, in conjunction with Epic Games & People Can Fly, have recently released a brand new TV Advert for upcoming prequel Gears of War Judgment.

According to the video’s description, the TV Ad was created to celebrate the Gears of War fanbase as well as challenges people to find Gears related easter eggs in the video:

Gears of War: Judgment was crafted for Gears fans. This TV commercial takes a moment to celebrate them. How many Gears Easter Eggs can you find in the video?

While the TV Ad features ‘very little’ in terms of Gears of War gameplay, the trailer does showcase some of the achievements that Gears of War fans may achieve when the game is released later in the month.

Gears of War Judgment will be released exclusively onto the Xbox 360 on the 19th March 2013 within America and the 22nd March 2013 within Europe.