Tank! Tank! Tank! Goes Free-To-Play on Wii U within Europe


Nintendo of Europe, in conjunction with Namco Bandai Games, have today confirmed that Tank! Tank! Tank!, a previous retail Wii U Game, will soon be available to download for FREE from the Wii U eShop.

This ‘Free’ Version of the game will offer a basic pakagage of the game which includes the three main gameplay modes – Monster Battle, Free-For-All and Team Versus. However since this is the ‘Free-To-Play’ version of Tank! Tank! Tank! players are only able to play three sessions of each gameplay mode for per day, once this limit has been reached you can either wait till tomorrow or unlock additional access by purchasing a DLC Pack.

These DLC Packs will offer extra levels and modes as well as at the same time removing any gameplay restrictions. For the time being these DLC Packs cost £1.59 per pack, however the price will increase to £7.99 within the next few weeks.

via: MCV