Video: Unboxing the Hitman Absolution: Deluxe Professional Edition

hitman_absolution_unboxed (1)

The term “Better late than never” seems appropiate right about now, but none the less here is our unboxing video for Square Enix’s (and IO Interactive’s) Hitman Absolution game which has been available within the UK since last November.

Unlike more recent ‘Collectors Editions’, such as the Ni No Kuni: Wizard’s Edition, The Deluxe Professional Edition is still available for purchase from some online retailers, including Zavvi (360 / PS3 / PC), and while the game may have ‘mixed views’ the Collector’s Edition content itself is much to be desired.

Inside The Box:

– Hitman Absolution (Xbox 360 / PS3 Game)
– Artbook
– Weaponary Pack DLC Code
– Making of DVD
– Carded Box for (Artbook, DVD and Game)
– 10″ Vinyl Statue of Agent 47

Unboxing Video:

Photo Gallery:


The Deluxe Edition of Hitman Absolution doesn’t just appeal to fans of the franchise, but it appeals to anyone who has heard about the franchise, as i myself am not a Hitman fan – but the 10″ Statue of Agent 47 is amazing. The statue is a strong, sturdy and heavy built character that won’t get damaged easily and since its not a ‘replica’ (i.e. like for like) of the assassin himself it blends in as a novelty item. For a collector though i assume there is some disappointed with the statue, however this is more than made up with a detailed artbook showcasing ‘behind-the-scenes’ work of the game, as well as a ‘Making of DVD’ which explains from the developers themselves on how they produced it.

Overall the Deluxe Edition is a nice addition to ‘any’ gamers collection and with the current price for this edition (i.e. around £60) its not much more than buying the standard game on its own (at retail).

Hitman Absolution is now available worldwide for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.