PC Version of Resident Evil 6 to include an Exclusive Mercenaries Mode, Release Date also Confirmed


Capcom have today confirmed that the upcoming PC Release of Resident Evil 6 will feature an ‘exclusive’ Mercenaries Mode when its released in March 2013.

Entitled Mercenaries: No Mercry, players will be able to experience the same mercenaries gameplay, but on a higher difficulty scale, with more enemies appearing on screen offering better chances to gain a higher combo score.

Additionally in February 2013 Capcom will release a ‘Resident Evil 6 Benchmark Test’, an application that will run multiple Resident Evil 6 scenario’s on your computer (or laptop) to see how well the game will preform. Unlike a demo you can’t play the benchmark test, however it will give an accurate reading on how well the game will preform on your computer.

The PC Version of Resident Evil 6, which will come pre-installed with all latest updates, will be available from the 22nd March 2013 within America and Europe. The game will be available as a retail disc and digitally for €29.99/£19.99 in Europe, where as in America it will only be available as a digital download.