Lugi’s Mansion: Dark Moon to Feature Local & Online Multiplayer Mode


Nintendo have today confirmed that Lugi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, a Nintendo 3DS sequel to the popular Gamecube Game, Lugi’s Mansion, will feature a local (offline) and Online multiplayer mode – making it a first for the games franchise.

This multiplayer mode, entitled “Hunter Mode” allows up to four Lugi characters, each with a different colour, to appear on screen. Each player must then control a different coloured Luigi and is challenged to hunt down the ghosts, additionally players can use effective teamwork to clear each floor of the tower before the clock strikes zero. Bonuses and upgrades can be earned depending on how well the team performs.

Boss battles also make an appearence, as these boss battles are at the top of each tower, with players being able to choose the number of floors in this mode ranging from 5 to 25. The difficulty mode can also be adjusted, thus making it easier for unskilled players to experience the full potential of the game, however fallen players can be revived by their teammates – so yet again everyone can join in on the fun.

Lugi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be released exclusively onto the Nintendo 3DS in March 2013 within America and Europe.