Project X Zone to be Released within Europe & America, Will be Localized & Published by Namco Bandai Games


Namco Bandai Games have today confirmed that Project X Zone, a collaberation game featuring characters from various SEGA, Capcom and Namco owned games will be released within Europe and America this year onto the Nintendo 3DS.

The fighintg-game hybrid will be┬áLocalized and Published by Namco Bandai Games within both Europe and America, however while the text will be in fully localized english, the voice acting will remain in Japanese – most likely to keep costs down and offer an ‘authentic’ gameplay experience. It worked for One Piece: Pirate Warriors, so it will most likely work for Project X Zone.

Since Project X Zone is a ‘collabertion’ game, many thought it would not be released within America or Europe, however it seems that all game licsenors have agreed with the terms and now its making its way to us in the west.

Project X Zone has yet to be given an official release window, however it will be released exclusively onto the Nintendo 3DS during 2013.

via: Destructoid