Gears of War Judgment SteelBook Edition to be GAME Exclusive within UK [UPDATED]


Our Unboxing video for the GAME Exclusive Gears of War Judgment Steelbook Edition is now available.


On the 1st February 2013, the GAME website re-listed for Pre-Order the Gears of War Judgment Steelbook Edition. Several days after posting the original article (as seen below), GAME removed the pre-order from its site with no indication as to why. Today that Steelbook Edition is now available for pre-order.

The Seteelbook Edition is £44.99 and is a GAME Exclusive and it will include all bonuses (such as the Pre-order DLC and the Gears of War Download).


It has been revealed that Local and Online retailer GAME will be stocking an exclusive ‘Steelbook Edition‘ of the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment game for the Xbox 360.

The Steelbook Edition will be exclusive to GAME within the UK and it will feature the iconic image of Baird in handcuffs on the front cover while the back cover will feature the locust invasion of Sera, an image which was used for the cover of GameInformer last year.

Gears of War: Judgment will be released exclusively onto the Xbox 360 in March 2013 and the Steelbook Edition can be pre-ordered exclusivly within the UK from GAME for £44.99 (in-store price may differ).