Demolition Dash Becomes Free-To-Play through the Wooglie Online Games Portal


Mobile publisher dreamfab has recently partnered with online service,Wooglie, to release the popular Demolition Dash mobile game as a free-to-play, browser-based experience.

In Demolition Dash players must take on the role of the tiny monster “Zilla” to guide him through his worldwide rampage of eight of the most prestigious cities on the globe. Two game modes, including Endless Run and World Rampage, offer players the choice of sticking to a campaign or going berserk and wreaking utter havoc in this easy to learn run ‘n’ jump-style platformer. Featuring impeccable graphics, high-quality sound effects, easy to use controls and incredible physics-based destruction that allows players to smash every inch of cities into bits, Demolition Dash will keep the mayhem going for hours and is fun for the whole family!

Players interested in playing Demolition Dash on your PC can now play it at the Wooglie Games Portal.