Joymax Introduces Alphamon Ouryuken into Digimon Masters


Joymax, developer of the popular online RPG Game, Digimon Masters, have today announced that fusion based digimon, Alphamon Ouryuken, is now available for use within the game.

In order to obtain Alphamon Ouryuken Players mustcomplete a variety of quests to obtain the Fusion Digivolution Ability, an ability which combies two Digimon into Alphamon Ouryuken. In addition to obtaining the Fusion Digivolution Ability players must also have access to Alphamon and Ouryumon, the two Digimon needed to preform the fusion into creating Alphamon Ouryuken.

Alphamon Ouryuken skills are based with the element of light.  Two special skills; one which creates a large ball of energy to slam into the enemy and another which uses its epic sword to slash down with such force it shatters the ground!  Its power may even match the other legendary Digimon, Ominmon.

Those who wish to experience the grandeur of the new Digimon but aren’t sure where to start should heed to the following event as players who bring a friend to Digimon Masters within the special event period will receive a full set of items needed for taming their very own Alphamon Ouryuken! Interested players can join the game online at the official Digimon Masters Website.