Union Party System Revealed for Silkroad Online


Joymax have today unveiled an upcoming update, entitled the “Union Party System” for Silkroad Online as part of the game’s upcoming refresh patch which is entitled, “Ignite Silkroad Part 3: Undead’s Revenge”.

With Ignite Silkroad Part 3: Undead’s Revenge players are introduced to the terrifying new addition of “Death Bone”, A Monster who was born from the ashes of the Roc, and can only be defeated by combining forces with the use of the Union Party System.

The main feature of the Union Party System allows four separate parties to combine, creating a giant raid of 32 players. Creating a group this large requires a Union Ticket and the owner of the Union Ticket automatically becomes the leader of the group. The leader has the ability to control a variety of party settings such as loot distribution. With the improved party system from this month’s update, players can choose new types of distribution; including skill EXP, randomizing items, and ordered item distribution.

Players who enter into a union party will receive a special bonus EXP buff as high as 25% for a full union of four groups. Only these massive groups will be able to take on the newest challenge: Death Bone! Death Bone is the most challenging boss yet requiring a full Union Party at maximum level; the “Roc Time Attack!” may even feel easy in comparison.

The massive skeleton monster, Death Bone, is designed with powerful skills to draw players in then launch a near-death attack for the unfortunate few who do not flee in the short five second window of opportunity. Players, who have both defeated the Roc and completed a challenging quest chain, can summon this evil terror and find the reward well worth the effort, as Death Bone not only rewards the best EXP gains but also the highest gold reward — the 13th tier equipment and much more.

Players interested in taking up the challenge can head on over to Silkroad’s official website.