GAME Reveals Pre-Order Offer for Pokemon X & Pokemon Y


GAME have today officially revealed its current ‘Pre-Order’ Bonus for recently announced Nintendo 3DS Game(s) Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

For those interested in pre-ordering the latest Pokemon title, GAME are offering a Manga / Comic Book adaptation of the Pokemon Black & White 2 Anime Trailer, as explained in a recent Tweet on their Twitter Account.

It seems, for the time being, that this Pre-Order offer is only available in-store – however GAME has also confirmed that if any other items are offered as a Pre-Order bonus then people who have already pre-ordered the game will still be eligible to claim their ‘additional’ free item, hinting that other pre-order bonuses may be added in the near future.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is the latest Pokemon game to be announced, and its the first ‘traditional’ Pokemon game to be released exclusively onto the Nintendo 3DS handheld. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is currently slated for a Worldwide 23rd October 2013 release date.