Amazon UK Offer ‘Exclusive’ Pikachu with Pokemon Black & White 2 Game Purchases

This promotion may appear old to some, however i’ve only just received the notification from Nintendo, basically this new(ish) promotion allows Pokemon fans to obtain an ultra-rare version of Pikachu, whet they purchase a copy of Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 from Amazon UK.

Anyone who purchases Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 for the Nintendo DS from Amazon UK, will receive a special code, via e-mail, that allows the customer to download Pikachu with the hidden ability ‘Lightningrod’. The Promotion started on the 12th November 2012 and it ends on the 31st December 2012, so there is still time to receive access to this rare version of Pikachu.

If you have already purchased Pokemon Black (or White) 2 then ‘disappointingly’ you will not be able to receive this Pikachu unless you receive it from someone who has it (i.e. Pokemon Trade) or purchase another copy of the game from Amazon UK.

All Codes will be sent via e-mail after the game has been dispatched and the codes will expire in May 2013, so if you do receive a code make sure to use it as soon as you receive it, otherwise you may miss out on an exclusive Pokemon. In order to redeem the code you’ll need to do the following things:

  1. Create a user account on the Pokemon Global Link Service (or log on if you already have an account
  2. Select the ‘correct’ promotion and enter your unique code
  3. Check the Pokemon you befriended (redeemed) on your Friend Board in the Pokemon Dream World
  4. Add it to your Pokemon Collection and you can then use it in the game

Pokemon Black & White 2 is now available for the Nintendo DS.