Viwawa partners with MOL to launch 3D civilization resource management game, ‘Eden Story’

Leading Southeast Asia casual game platform, Viwawa, have today announced its decision to work with MOL Global, one of Asia’s leading e-payment service providers, to offer local online payment solutions for Eden Story, an upcoming Facebook 3D game.

According to Viwawa Eden Story is a highly detailed and immersive civilization resource management game, whereby players start from the beginning of mankind in the Stone Age and through careful resource planning and research, they will progress through the various time periods. In total there are about seven historic ages in total, beginning with the Stone Age and culminating in the Space Age. Eden Story is a fun and engaging game that will appeal to all players interested in history and how civilizations have progressed through time.

Christopher Low, CEO of Viwawa, explains what he hopes to archieve with this new relationship:

“Partnering with MOL is a logical choice for Viwawa. We have a great working relationship. As we have invested a lot into Eden Story we wanted to make sure our payment service partner is of the high caliber. We are proud to work with MOL who will be able to extend our game’s reach to new players globally, and to reach 700,000 Facebook fans immediately upon launch.

While Craig White, President for Global Operations, MOL Global, explains what he also achieves to hope from this partnership:

“MOL Global and Viwawa share a passion for showcasing locally developed online games to the global market, Our partnership allows us to offer Eden Story to gamers all over the world. Gamers will be able to experience this exciting Singapore-made 3D game while enjoying secure and convenient payment options with MOL Global.”

Eden Story was developed over a span of 18 months and has close to $1 million in investments across the world, additionally players who are ‘eager’ to try out the game can play it for free from the official website.