Red 5 Studios Announces Firefall Beta Weekends, Reveals ‘Rewards Program’ for Founders

Red 5 Studios have today announced that they will be hosting a series of “Beta Weekends”, that will allow news players to experience Firefall’s innovative gameplay for up to 48-hour’s. Additionally, they’re announcing the launch of the new “Founders Rewards” program, offering founding members exclusive items for helping the Tribe reach its funding goals.

Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5, explains what he hopes to achieve during these ‘special’ Beta Weekends:

“We’ve seen an overwhelming demand for access to Firefall’s beta since we began testing last year, The fact is, the growing number of registered players continues to outpace our servers and with closed beta testing going into 2013 that won’t change in the short-term. These Beta Weekends are the solution. We’re inviting thousands of new players to temporarily join Firefall for some huge server stress-tests, giving us valuable feedback, giving them a taste of the game, and helping to prepare Firefall for much larger numbers.”

Firefall’s upcoming Beta Weekends are scheduled to take place on the 30th November 2012 to 2nd December 2012 and then again on the 7th December 2012 to 9th December 2012. These ‘Beta-Weekends’ have been designed for the North American and European servers as stress-tests with players encouraged to find bugs, test various features and help the developers improve the beta by providing feedback. Players interested in Firefall and the upcoming Beta Weekends, can register at the official website.

In Addition to the ‘Beta Weekend’ Red 5’s Founders are offering a Rewards program, in which it unlocks exclusive bonuses for founding members as new funding goals are reached. With the first funding goal already achieved thanks to early supporters, all founding members have been given Virtual Camouflage Goggles. Upcoming items and live progress updates can be tracked at the official website, and new players will still gain access to all unlocked rewards by purchasing a Founders Pack.