Omnimon Gets Added to Digimon Masters, Requries Agumon & Gabumon in Order to be Activated

Joymax have today announced that they have added new additions to the highly popular free-to-play MMORPG PC Game, Digimon Masters.

The major addition in today’s update is Omnimon, a Digimon which made its debut in ‘Digimon: The Movie’ (or third digimon in the Japanese timeline). With his cape waving in the wind, Omnimon always strikes a heroic pose, however taming such a majestic Digimon won’t be easy – as players will have to master the new Jogress system to acquire this new, powerful ally.

Omnimon is different in that he will require two specific Digimon to be fused as one, unlike most Digimon which evolves via leveling. After finishing a series of challenging quests and having appropriately leveled Agumon and Gabumon, the new Jogress system allows players to combine together two Digimons into one powerful creature. Only those who have achieved above and beyond their fellow tamers will be deemed fit to receive Omnimon’s power, which arrives just in the nick of time.

The lead developer of Digimon Masters, explains why Omnimon was included in this latest update:

“Omnimon is, hands down, the most requested Digimon we’ve ever seen for Digimon Masters, With the addition of the new Jogress system, players will have a new way to Digivolve, and it opens up a huge avenue for us to add other special Digimon in 2013.”

Previously, Armagemon, which appeared in the 4th Digimon Movie, was added to the game and now with Omnimon being added to the fray players can re-enact numerous battle scenes from previous Digimon Movies. Additionally If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, Digimon Masters is beginning a variety of ‘sale events’ where all Digimons such as Guilmon and Impmon are 30% off.

  • Farmer Brown