Video Walkthrough: Setup Nintendo Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard on iOS & PS3

The Nintendo Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard that is included with the Nintendo DS Game, learn With Pokemon: A Typing Adventure, is a standard bluetooth device, meaning that it can work with Bluetooth Compatible devices and In this article i’ll demonstrate how to connect the Bluetooth Keyboard to an iOS Device (such as an iPhone) and a Playstation 3 console.

The DS Game, Learn with Pokemon: A Typing Adventure, is priced (at retail) at £44.99, making it around the same price as most third party Bluetooth Keyboards, however this game bundle can be picked up for as low as £29.99 – making it the bargain of the year for people interested in getting a Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for their device.

The Keyboard is white and features plenty of space (and all of the needed buttons) for everyday use – not to mention it feels comfortable and easier to use than most keyboards on the market today.

The Guide:

Before Registering the Keyboard to a device the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard MUST BE turned off.

for iOS:

1 – On the iOS Device Go to Settings, General, Bluetooth
2 – Turn Bluetooth ON
3 – On the Nintendo Keyboard press & hold FN (function) button while turning it on
4 – Nintendo Wireless Keyboard will appear on the screen, tap it & a code will be shown
5 – Enter the four digit code on your keyboard and press ENTER
6 – After a few seconds the screen will say ‘connected’.

for PS3:

1 – On the PS3 Console Go to Settings on the XMB (Cross Media Bar)
2 – Select Bluetooth Devices
3 – select Manage Bluetooth Devices & click on Add New Device
4 – Press the ‘Start Scan’ button
5 – On the Nintendo Keyboard press & hold FN (function) button while turning it on
6 – On the PS3 Select the ‘Nintendo Wireless Keyboard’
7 – After a few seconds a code will be displayed, input this on the keyboard and press enter
8 – After a few seconds the PS3 will say the device has been registered

The Video: